The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tamkang University has been established in 1970, and the name is changed into Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering in 2002. In 2010, the department is grouped into two major fields: “Opto-mechatronics” and “Precision Machinery”. Each year, 120 undergraduate students and 40-50 postgraduate students are enrolled in this department. Currently, approximately 110 full-time graduate students and 16 faculty member with Ph.D degrees are involved in research activities. Research activity areas include: solid mechanics and design, thermal and fluid sciences, advance materials and precision manufacturing, robotics, system and control, and opto-mechatronics.

 Research facilities

Research facilities include the Micro Satellite Engineering Lab, Design Optimization & CFD Lab, Machine Vision Lab, Precision Machining Lab, Robotics Lab, Vibration & Acoustics Lab, Bio-Medical Engineering Lab, Computational Mechanics Lab, Mechanics of Machinery Lab, Nano & Micro Systems Lab, Micro Electro Mechanical System Lab, Functional Materials & Manufacturing Lab, Nano & Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems Lab, Photonics Lab, and System control Lab, in addition to some basic experiment labs. (Thermal Engineering Lab, Machine Shop, Computer Numerical Control Lab, Metallography Lab, Material Lab, and Precision Measurement Lab).


A minimum of 128, 26, and 25 credits are required for the Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees, respectively. A thesis is required for both the Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Graduates from our department are popular in industry. By Cheers Magazine, TKU has been ranked No. 1 among private universities in the “Survey of 1000 Taiwan Enterprises Most Favorite College Graduates”. TKU graduates are welcomed by Taiwan business companies especially due to “Willing to Learn” and “Team Spirit”.



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