Development Strategies

(1) Globalization and International Activity

Based on MoUs between International sister University and TKU, we (MEE) encourage the mutual exchange learning and research of faculty members and students. We’d like to recruit more international students as well.

(2) Professionality and Diversified Learning

We (MEE) incubate all students for having inter disciplinary expertise, good personality of anticipating R&D, and experience/skill of hands-on work in practice.

(3) Excellence in Academic Research

All the faculty members of MEE try to develop their distinguished research work with vision aspects, interdisciplines, and profession-complete mindset.

(4) Cooperation between Industry and school

The R&D outcome of MEE will serve the local need of Taiwan enterprise, and is hope to inspire the industrial innovation accordingly.


Short-term Action Plan (before 2016)

1.  Keep on improving curriculum according to IEET regulation.

2.  Expand to two programs:

(1) Precision Mechanics

(2) Opto-Mechatronics

3.  Solidify the experiment courses in the program of Opto-Mechatronics.

4.  Add more CAD software training in related courses.

5.  Recruit more new faculty.


Mid-term Action Plan (Since 2014)

1.  Invite alumni to anticipate the evolution of curriculum.

2.  Add more distance education courses.

3.  Hold domestic or international conferences.

4.  Build up the cooperation platform between industry and MEE.


Long-term Plan (Since 2015)

1. Perfect the curriculum evolution of two program.

(1) Precision Mechanics.

(2) Opto-Mechatronics.

2. Digitize the teaching courses and on-line access.

3. Magnify the impact on academic and industrial fields by the cooperation of alumni and ally.



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