Notice of English Proficiency Test II

Poster:YU, JEN-YIPost date:2020-05-05

1.                      Test Date and Time: During English II class hours, May 11th (Monday) to May 16th (Saturday), 2020. All students who take the English II Course is required to take the test.


2.                      Grade: 15% of the English II course grade.


3.                  Question Types: Reading and listening sections in the General English Proficiency Test, intermediate level.


4.                  The 2B pencil and eraser are required for making marks on the answer sheet.


5.                      Admittance is not allowed after the listening section begins.


6.                      Make-up Test Rules:

(1)   Students who do not attend the test will be regarded as absence of class.

(2)   Students who cannot attend the test due to a legitimate reason (severe injury or illness requiring professional medical care, emergencies in their immediate family, participation in official university activities, legal obligations) and have supporting documentation should apply for the make-up test as soon as possible for arrangement. Students should go online (http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/) to register by noon, Friday, May 22nd, 2020 and submit the required documents to and have the application approved by the English Department (FL207) before 17:00, Friday, May 22nd, 2020. Students who request official affairs or personal leaves need to complete the process one week prior to the test. The make-up test will be held at 18:10-20:00, Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.

(3)   Required documents:

A.     The school’s leave form.

B.     The approval for English Proficiency Test II. The form can be downloaded from the English Department website: https://www.tflx.tku.edu.tw/english/file/1831 and needs to be approved by the course instructor.

C.     Supporting documentation.

(4)   Students will have a score deduction of 20% if the score is above 60%. The formula is as follows:

Make-up test score = (Original make-up test score-60) x 0.8 + 60

(5)   Test room, seating arrangements, and other related policies will be announced at 17:00, Monday, May 25th, 2020 on the English Department website: https://www.tflx.tku.edu.tw/english/opinion/1175.


7.                      For more information, please contact Ms. Ellen Lin (02-26215656 ext. 2342, ellen@mail.tku.edu.tw). 
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