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2019-09-23Please be informed that LungHwa University of Science and Technology hosts 2019 Asian Robot Sport Competition on December 14.9
2019-07-04‘2019 Corning Future Inventor’: Including ‘Innovation for Application Contest’ and ‘Best Paper Award’. More than 800 thousand-dollar scholarship for participating students.10
2019-06-17All students are invited to participate in 2019 Nationwide College Competition in Intelligent Invention and Interdisciplinary Integrative Creation.14
2019-06-05Please be informed of ‘2019 Arm Campus Design Competition’.12
2019-06-03Please be informed that Kun Shan University hosts ‘2019 Allring Competition for Innovation and Invention’.11
2019-05-30Please be informed that LungHwa University of Science and Technology hosts ‘2019 Nationwide and International Competition on Single Chip Computer Mouse and Intelligent Wheeled-Robots’.13
2019-05-13 The Taichung city government commissions ChaoYang Technology University to organize ‘2019 Taichung Innovation Design Competition’. All are welcome to apply for participation.12
2019-04-192019 LiveStrong Applied Paper Competition Article Contribution13
2019-04-08Please be informed that National Central University hosts ‘Nationwide College Competition in Artificial Intelligence: AI Cup 2019’, which is organized by Department of Education.19
2019-03-28National Chin-Yi University of Technology hosts 2019 College Competition in Special Issues in Operations Research, organized by Operations Research Society of Taiwan13
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